Portable Backup Reading Glasses

Prices starts from € 4.99. Take it on a trip, to a restaurant or for a walk.

Impossible to forget

1-100 pieces per pack
78 mm x 21 mm
x 1 mm
+7 (999) 999-99-99
Weight — 0.4 grams
See how comfortable glasses can be
Watch video and check out why more than 20 000 people
choose Glens© as their backup reading glasses
Convenient spare Glens glasses are easy to take with you. Their size — 78mm x 21mm x1mm , and their weight is only 0.4 grams — they are smaller than a credit card and therefore can be put them even in the thinnest cardholder.

Keep them wherever you like: in your pocket, mobile phone case, or wallet.
78 x
1 mm
Glens glasses

Personalized packaging
We offer individual packaging. Contact us to discuss the details.
ergonomic mounts for smooth experience
The thoughtful 4-point ergonomic mount design keeps the glasses firmly on the nose bridge. Glasses won't fall when you site, bend or actively move. Leaves no trace marks and puts no pressure on the nose.
Break Resistant Design

Patented German technology combines flexibility and strength. Glasses are made of copolymer and will not crack or scratch if you accidentally drop them.

Transparent and weightless
Glens glasses are framless, minimalistic and near invisible.
Easily concealed behind sunglasses.
Glasses won't visually change your apperance nor hide your eyes.
total weight

and Reliable Ergonomics

Ergonomically designed and tested mounts. Glasses won't fly off even if you do backflips and leaves no trace marks on the skin.
Watch the video
Extend the life of your glasses and protact them from abrasive surface using a stylish branded Glens case.

They are compact and can also serve as a key chain.
Eyeglass case
Strong, pretty and comfortable over any other normal reading glasses.
main advantages of Glens
Quality at affordable price

Glens are design to suit both men and women equally well.
Unisex Design

+1.5, +2.0, +2.5, +3.0 — choose an option that best suits your vision.
4 diopter options

Find out the right dioptre for your Glens.
Feel free to buy suitable number of Glens for you and your loved ones.
No prescription needed

Several customized packing options, makes Glens a useful stylish and unforgettable gift.

Universal gift
Glens the rugged and near invisible German design.
Glens — good
vision is always with you
Glens glasses — your faithful assistant in most life situations. With them, you are always free to see the smallest font.
For reading, traveling, and sports...
Read menus in a restaurant or a café
See all the prices in the store
Understand the instructions for medicines
Understand the map, signs and tickets while traveling
Read books, magazines and brochures on the go
See notifications on your smartphone screen
Orient yourself during sports activities and cycling trips on the street
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Order for you
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1,19 €/pc (- 84%)
1 piece pack
3 pieces pack
Roll of 25 pieces
Ultra-slim reading glasses keychain case
4,33 €/pc (- 33%)
Test box armless reading glasses glens
Ten 2 Read Box armless reading glasses glens
All in One box armless reading glasses glens
Scientists and specialized doctors tested Glens glasses and confirmed their safety. The technology was developed with the participation of doctors from Switzerland and Germany.

Approved by European ophthalmologists
The glasses are certified and comply with EU standards — Confirmed its safety
We honestly answer the most frequent questions of customers
How is Glens better than regular spare glasses?
Glens surpasses regular glasses by all indicators. First, they are easy to take with you due to their compact size — smaller than a bank card. Secondly, they are durable — if you accidentally drop them in the store, nothing will happen to them. Third, they are much cheaper.
Can your glasses hurt your eyes?
Of course not. Our glasses have the highest optical performance.
If Glens are so inexpensive, are they of sufficient quality?
You can not doubt the quality. Glens are made from the highest quality copolymer in the factory in Germany. In addition, the weight of the Glens — only 0.4 grams.
How rugged are Glens?
They won't break even if you wear them for a month in the back pocket of your jeans.
of owners make a repeat purchase and advise their friends

Video reviews
Text reviews
Watch the detailed video review and ascertain the quality

wow effect guaranteed

Reliable near invisible glasses will become a faithful assistant in shopping and traveling

Select the required quantity
Free Delivery Worldwide
for orders over 30 EUR

Order for self-use
or as a gift

4,99 €

Order for you and your loved ones

4,33 €/pc
12,99 €

Order for you
and your friends

1,19 €/pc
29,99 €
1 piece pack
3 piece pack
Roll of 25 pieces
(- 33%)
(- 84%)
Ultra-slim reading glasses keychain case
Test box armless reading glasses glens
Ten 2 Read Box armless reading glasses glens
All in One box armless reading glasses glens
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All in One box armless reading glasses glens
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